The Rockhopper Trackers (also known as TRT) is a Club Penguin community founded by Henry, who was succeeded by SirGamealot, the current leader. Their main goal is to track Rockhopper (also known as RH), a Club Penguin character, everytime he arrives in CP Island (TRT members usually call this time as "RH season"). Although, only a few number of people among the TRT members play Club Penguin. TRT has a bribble, forum, blog and of course, a wiki.


The Rockhopper Trackers is a community founded by Henry last 2007. Before, they were only on a Miniclip forum. Time passed by, the community grew and grew and kept on tracking Rockhopper for months. As it expanded, Henry also made a chat and a forum for the community.

SirGamealot's Reign

Months later, Henry gave TRT to SirGamealot (also known as SG). Many say that Henry trust SirGamealot so much because he gave TRT to SG, instead of the co-founder. SirGamealot led TRT well and the community was in good hands.

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The Rockhopper Trackers currently has a chat run by Chatserv. Before, the community's chat were ran by Bribble. When the chats were free, their port number was 34104. Months later, Bribble closed down the free chats, and so, SirGamealot bought a new chat (still from Bribble) and their new port number was 35259. Months before Bribble closed down (March 2009), SirGamealot bought the current chat from Chatserv with the port number of 8840. The current chat can be found here.


The common chatters who log on to the TRT chat are usually called regulars or regs. There are many notable regulars in the chat and most of them are also members of the forum. The chat has 10 mods.


The Rockhopper Trackers forum is run by Forumotion. A few months ago, thanks to the TRT donors, the community was able to buy their own domain name which is [1]. The members can still access the forum with its old domain ([2]).


The forum has many activities prepared for the users like the TRT Magazine. They also have a TRT Government which is currently lead by the TRT President, Carder. By October, President-Elect Flame_King will replace Carder. SirGamealot also hosts different kinds of contests.

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